How I watched/heard this, made a big difference to proceedings.

I played the audio though a decent Bluetooth speaker that was right behind my head as I sat on the sofa. It made me feel like I was actually in the room with them a lot of the time. At…

The Other Side of Nothing.


Why are we here?

For those of you arriving late to the (after) party.

Welcome to my second book, my first, Too High, Too Far, Too Soon, was published in 2013 and concerned itself with the (previous) life and occasional, near-death experiences of its…

Flt Ltn J.A Mason (3rd from right) and crew. Middleton St George 1942.

Dear Dad,

Here we are again, remembrance day, November 11th, after all this time, still my ‘official’ saddest day of the year. …

Chapter 33.

It’s the hope that kills you apparently, my mate Mick McCulloch, as staunch and bitter an Evertonian as you will find anywhere, will testify to this. At the start of every football season, he’s convinced his club will raise itself from its 26-year slumber and actually win something…

Chapter 28.

When is a band, not a band?

Perhaps we need another quick search of the information superhighway so we can all agree on what we’re talking about first?


A group of people: a band of outlaws.

A group of animals.

A company of people having a common…

Chapter 18.

*The most expensive record shop in the world. *

The Who’s ‘epic’ double album, Quadrophenia, was first released in 1973, at which time it’s writer, Mr Peter Townshend, was a mere 28 years old. Admittedly, as I sit here typing and listening to that album again on my…

Simon Mason

A Hightown Pirate.

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